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Site news

Welcome to BHE
by Robert Lee - Sunday, 7 June 2015, 11:47 AM

Welcome Back!

Summer Sessions 2015

Summer Sessions

Veterinary Technology Degree Program at Black Hawk College East Campus! Coming Soon!

School News:

  • Spring 2015 Semester!
  • The Black Hawk College Horse Judging team finished the year up UNDEFEATED with a World Championship and World Reserve in 2014! Way to go, Team! Spectacular!
  • Come to BHE and get a feel for what the BHE Ag Program and Facilities are about. BHE is among the top-rated college agriculture programs in the nation. Here's the map to BHE: Click HERE.
  • Click the link below for an 11 minute video about BHE Agriculture:

System News

  • Some new additional tools to keep track of assignments and facilitate grading have been added
  • System is upgraded as of August 2012 to most recent version of 1.9
  • We may be upgrading to Moodle 2.02 or 2.03 eventually depending on some technical issues regarding importing classes from version 1.9

Need Help?

College News

(Edited by Andrew Larson - original submission Monday, 8 April 2013, 07:02 PM)

Welcome to Fall 2014
by Robert Lee - Monday, 22 December 2014, 12:16 AM

Please be sure to contact your instructor if you are confused and need help. If your confirmation email is not showing up in your email box, please check your junk/spam mail folder -- your confirmation mail is probably there. You may contact Bob Lee at his cell phone at 309-791-2320309-791-2320 for help in his classes or send email. Contact Andrew Larson, Bill Good, Jeff Hawes, and other faculty using this system for their classes. Please call them at the College at 309-852-5671309-852-5671. Thanks!

Welcome to Black Hawk East!

Spring Semester 2015!

Courses Online for Spring 2014
by Robert Lee - Thursday, 19 December 2013, 11:13 AM

Courses for this semester offered here include courses taught by Robert E. Lee, MS, MSW, LCSW; Andrew Larson, MS; Bill Good, MS; Dr. Jeff Hawes, PhD; and Jared Boyert, MS, as well as many other faculty.

Courses for this semester offered by this server and Black Hawk College include courses taught by:

Robert E. Lee, M.S., M.S.W., L.C.S.W. and include Online Math 228 (Statistics and Probability), Online Psychology 250 (Abnormal Psychology), Online Introductory Psychology (Psychology 101), Online Psychology 230 (Social Psychology), and Online Psychology 295 (Special Topics).

Andrew Larson, M.S. and include Agriculture courses, including Soils, Production, and other courses.

Bill Good, M.S. and include Agriculture Economics courses.

Dr. Jeff Hawes, Ph.D. and include Horticulture courses.

Jared Boyert, M.S. and include Agriculture Computer courses.

Robert E. Lee's classes:

See the course list to the left and click on "East Campus" and follow the menu till you can select the course of interest so to access log-in pages for this course. Note you will need a keyword to actually enter the classroom. Please contact Robert E. Lee for the keyword at or to receive your course keyword which will allow you entrance into the course proper. Feel free to contact me by cell at 309-791-2320 and I will answer as the cell is always near me.

Contact Bob Lee at home at 309-762-5377 after 6:00pm on any day at home or at his cell phone 309-791-2320 at Black Hawk College.

Course categories

Black Hawk

Black Hawk


This site deploys online instruction for Black Hawk College.  If you need help with Moodle, please contact Robert E. Lee or Andrew Larson.  Black Hawk College ITS cannot help you with Moodle.  To access information about BHC's Agriculture Program, click on the BHC icon, above.  Courses may originate from either the East Campus or the Quad City Campus.  Courses on this server are either entirely web-based or they may be part of an enhanced classroom-web-component of regular in-class instruction offered by Black Hawk College East Campus or Quad City Campus.

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